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EDA is unlike anything you know. We're the first professional association to connect, empower, and legitimize virtual design experts. Our vision is to up the game for the industry and help you grow. No drama or sugar coating. Only real talk.

 Let's face it, a great community is hard to find. Sifting through endless self-promotion and regurgitated bad advice on social media is exhausting. Wasting time and money on courses that don’t apply to the virtual realm is annoying as hell. And hiring the wrong people for your business sucks. We got you, boo. Time to shake things up!

A community for eDesigners and DVAs living their best “laptop life”

Our goal is to help you build a successful virtual business. You get the latest education, meaningful connections, and continuous support. You also gain access to live seminars and industry content. 

The cherry on top? Get special rates on courses and tools.

Want even more? Each seminar gets you closer to the top of our highest directory ranking.  All this - on our super user-friendly app.
Whether you're launching, pivoting, or scaling, EDA will change the way you operate, fast. 
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About the Co-founders

Meet your community leaders - Jenna Gaidusek and Sarah Durnez. Trust us - you'll be friends in no time. This down-to-earth trailblazing duo has over 16 years of virtual experience. Their proven strategies and non-stop cheerleading will speed up your learning.